Bolton-le-Sands Community Centre


Community Centre – Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Monday 17th May 2021

Centre re-opens under current HMG guidelines. This decision follows the advice from the Government.

Booking may be made through the email address but are accepted on a PROVISIONAL basis only.

Ian Birnie
Secretary and Trustee.

Bookings: 07367066918 


Protect your loved ones. Download the app.


The new NHS COVID-19 app, now available to download for free in England and Wales, is the fastest way to see if you’re at risk from coronavirus. The faster you know, the quicker you can alert and protect your loved ones and community.

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COVID “Test and Trace”


In an attempt to comply with government guidance the management team are requesting that EVERYONE who enters the building for any reason, sends their name via text (their mobile number is sent by default) to the centre COVID mobile number. This will enable us to be able to “Test and Trace” in the event of a notified outbreak of COVID 19.  (Government guidelines prefer non paper records where possible)

If you could use the following procedure when visiting the centre it would be appreciated;

1. Set up your mobile with the Community Centre COVID Test and Trace mobile as a contact in your address book 07396683825

2.  On entry text; (your name) e.g Thomas Birnie   in

3.  On exit text; (your name)  e.g Thomas Birnie   out

We will store your mobile number on the COVID centre phone with your name/group

The record will be kept for 21 days GDPR compliant.

Organisers of groups must establish their own method of “Test and Trace “that works for them. They are responsible for maintaining the list of their attendees under GDPR guidelines.

If you or any members of your group test positive you must inform the centre booking secretary or the centre secretary IMMEDIATELY in order to initiate “Test and Trace”.

For those key holders who do not have a mobile they should use their landline to call the COVID mobile. Let the number ring out 3 times and hang up as they leave home and on their return (Do not withhold your number). There is also an email available  if required. THE MOBILE TEXT METHOD SHOULD BE USED IF AT ALL POSSIBLE!

We hope this method of recording will help to maintain the centre’s COVID security and safety once we re-open.

The number is for “Test and Trace” only, not booking enquiries.





This guidance is written based on the latest Government advice, as well as the Risk Assessment *and  COVID-19: Guidance for the safe use of multi-purpose community facilities. The recommendations from our insurers have also been implemented.

It provides a method of safely resuming activities at the community centre for anyone not limited in their attendance due to age or health. All users of the centre are required to use this guidance until further notice.

The maximum number allowed in the building at any one time, within the current Government guidelines is thirty people.

Estimate of the maximum numbers due to social distancing

The Government has mandated that face masks are to be worn in the centre. As such the social distance required to be met is 1m. People sat side by side are also allowed to use 1m as a safe distance (without masks).

A maximum number of 30 metal chairs are provided for use. Do not use any fabric covered chairs.

It is suggested that users set up the seats in a manner that will maintain social distancing and not be “face to face”.


To ensure the lowest risk to all users, those showing COVID symptoms of those or their families have been tested positive to the virus will be asked not to attend the centre (see risk assessment). Only those authorised by the group organiser will be allowed into the building subject to the group “Test and Trace procedure being in place. Strictly “no waiting” in the centre lobby. Child protection procedures, where necessary, must be in place. All persons entering the building should wash their hands at home just before setting off. Users MUST bring their own face covering with them to their activity.

Group organisers MUST text the centre “Test and Trace” mobile number as they unlock and secure the building. Failure to do so will result I further hires being cancelled. Group organisers must ensure they have robust “Test and trace” tracking of all users in place .All group organisers must return a signed copy of these guidelines to the  booking secretary BEFORE any hire, or series of hires, can take place.(You may wish to get your individual members to sign your own version of these guidelines)


Copies of the guidance will be placed on the lobby notice board.

The centre secretary will use the text log list; containing the contact details of group organisers should contact tracing be required. The centre management recommend that the temperature of all users are checked and recorded by the organiser on entry to the building. Any queue at the door should socially distant (1m+), users are required to wear a face covering from leaving their cars until they return to their cars. Car sharing is to be discouraged. Users must use the hand sanitizer provided at the door to clean their hands. You may wish to establish a “one way” system through the building, i.e. entry via main doors, exit via one of the fire doors.

The toilet doors will be wedged open and only one person at a time should enter. If a queue for the toilet is required social distancing MUST be observed. All persons using the toilet should wash their hands afterwards for at least 20 seconds and use the paper towel or hand dryer to dry them before disposing of the towel in the bag provided. When the occupant of the toilet exits then the next person can enter the toilet.

The kitchen is closed and no one is to enter this area.

Those changing into appropriate clothing should ensure that social distancing is observed at all times (if possible travel to the centre in the clothing).Any bags brought into the building must be stored so as to maintain social distancing at all times. Use of hand sanitiser before and after is advised.

All users should socially distance (1m apart wearing a mask) while in the building.  Users are encouraged to maintain an air flow though the building, weather permitting.


Ensure your seating arrangements/activities maintain social distancing at all times.

Any documents should be printed out by your members at home and brought with them .They must be removed by them on leaving. You may wish to open the fire door(s) in order to provide fresh air. These must be secured on leaving the building.


Users are encouraged to operate “one way” maintaining social distancing. Social distancing should be observed at all times. All users should then leave the building maintaining social distancing and having their temperature rechecked and recorded before they leave. A portable hand sanitiser is available for you to place appropriately. They should use the hand sanitizer as they exit the building before entering the car park. The group organiser should then undertake their “Covid wipe down” before securing the building and removing any waste to the wheelie bins. Covid wipes etc MUST be placed in the red bin liner and left inside the cntre by the locking door.The building will then be secured.

When users get home they are advised to clean the outside of their bags etc with antibacterial wipes or not use them for at least 72 hours. They should wash their hands on arriving home.

Anyone entering the building between their hires for any reason should use an anti-bacterial wipe on all door handles before use. They should wear a face covering at all times and use the hand sanitizer on entering and leaving the building. They MUST text the centre Test and Trace mobile on entry and exit.

Any user who attends a centre activity but subsequently develops symptoms of COVID 19 or tests positive for the virus within 14 days of the meeting MUST inform the Booking secretary. Those at that meeting will then be asked to self-isolate under the Test and Trace scheme.


Advice from the Government is constantly being updated and this version of the guidance to all users incorporates the current requirements. The Trustees will ensure as far as is possible this guidance will be updated as the authorities upgrade their advice.

It is hoped by implementing the guidance the centre can begin to resume hires on a controlled staged basis.


It is necessary for all users of the building   to provide the Booking Secretary with a signed copy of these guidelines to confirm they have read them, understood them, and will implement in full the recommendations. Users  should also agree by signing these guidelines that the Trustees are in no way liable or responsible for any harm that should result from anyone using the building and attending meetings.

 Signed____________________________________ PRINT NAME_________________________

*This assessment was completed on 10th August.

By order of the Trustees and Management Committee

10th August 2020